Get a ridiculously unfair advantage in life
with one affordable
monthly membership...
School of Mastery Membership
Member rating 4.9 out of 5
The Full Masterclass Library
The Private Members Group
The Weekly Huddle (LIVE)
✔ Cancel any time
✔ Priced in AUD
✔ 100% satisfaction guarantee
Get a ridiculously unfair advantage in life
with one affordable monthly membership...
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School of Mastery Membership
Member rating 4.9 out of 5
The Full Masterclass Library
The Private Members Group
The Weekly Huddle (LIVE)
✔ Cancel any time
✔ Priced in AUD
✔ 100% satisfaction guarantee
🗣 Our members love The School of Mastery!

"Absolutely  brilliant!"


"The single most life changing program I've ever joined"


"The complete package!"


📋 Here's what you get as a member:
🎥 The Masterclass Library
✔ Included in your membership
As a School of Mastery Member, you'll get access to the full library of videos, courses, strategies and tools that have helped thousands of people just like you transform every area of their lives.
You'll learn exactly how to:

🙏 Find Your True Purpose
📈 Build An Online 4 Product Empire
💵 Invest & Grow Wealth
🌴 Create Your Dream Lifestyle
😰 Dissolve Success Destroying Fears
🗓 Manage Your Time & Life
🗣 Master Your Speaking & Influence
🤳 Build Your Personal Brand
🎥 Become A Content Creation Master
🍎 Improve Your Health & Vitality
❤️ Master Your Love Life
🌏 Expand Your Leadership & Consciousness
🧠 100X Your Memory In 3 Hours
🤑 Develop A Millionaire Mindset
🙏 Structure Your Most Inspired Life
⚕️ Master The 7 Hermetic Principles
🏛 Master The 7 Pillars of Power
👥 The Members Group
👥 The Members Group
✔ Included in your membership
When you join, you'll be invited into our private group of 700+ masters from 60 countries who will inspire you, push you and help you through this unique and comprehensive program.
🔴 The Live Weekly Huddle
🔴 The Live Weekly Huddle
✔ Included in your membership
Every Wednesday night at 7PM (Brisbane) you'll be invited to join the Live Weekly Huddle. 

During this members-only event, Lewis & Robyn present a 20-30 minute feature topic on: Growth, business, finance, mindset, purpose, relationships, leadership, lifestyle design and many other inspiring topics per members request.
🎥 Watch the video:

On pace for $110k this month with a 4 Product Empire.


$7,957 in 2 weeks with a 4PE


From a goal of $50k/month to $63k in a single day.


$2,397+ in 4PE program launch sales.


Reaching 100 subscribers!


Supreme confidence throughout life's ups & downs.


"The School of Mastery has given me more inspiration and actionable ideas in 4 months than a $19,000 coaching program did over the course of a year."


"After years of exploring personal development, this is like being in another galaxy. Deep. Unique. Mind blowing."


"Changed the f#*! out of my life. The School of Mastery is more of a private university, every master is passionate and the work ethic is phenomenal!"


Frequently Asked Questions
Let's get real. Who is this for?

The School of Mastery is NOT for everyone.

This membership will be perfect for you, if:

You're currently making at least $5k-$10k per month in a job or business. (Eg. You've got food & shelter taken care of)

You've done some personal development, and you're looking to take it to the next level. (Eg. You've invested in books, courses, masterminds or mentorship)

You have that uncanny feeling that you're destined for an extraordinary life, even if you don't know exactly how you'll achieve it yet.

You're at a point where you're ready to level up!

✅ You're open to exploring physical, mental and spiritual strategies to fulfil and empower your life.
What currency is The School of Mastery charged in? 

All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD). That's great for all you international masters who are accustomed to USD prices!
What kind of things will I learn?

✅ How to discover your life's purpose
✅ How to create a 6 or 7 figure online business that you love
✅ How to create a high profit 4PE funnel
✅ How to manage money, invest & build wealth
✅ How to structure a luxury lifestyle via the 6 laws of lifestyle design
✅ How to craft an inspired life by strict prioritisation & delegation
✅ How to speak & sell to anyone online
✅ How to build a thriving personal brand and raving fan audience
✅ How to systematically dissolve any fears that hold you back
✅ How to set goals and master plan your life
✅ How to acclimate through the class structure
How to master your intimate relationships & home life
✅ How to become a leader of leaders & mentor of mentors
How to 100X your recall memory in 3 hours
✅ How to increase your wellness & vitality
✅ How to balance your mind and achieve true presence & gratitude
✅ How to transcend worry, guilt, shame & procrastination
✅ How to leverage the age old 7 hermetic principles to master your life
✅ How to become the greatest version of "you" that's possible

and much, much more... 
How detailed are these Masterclasses?

Each Masterclass is beautifully presented in easy to digest modules that run for 15-20 minutes on average. The total Masterclass runtime is 2-3 hours on average, and you have 18 of them to ensure you master every area of life.

They're short enough to digest quickly, but long enough to ensure every important detail is covered!
How much time do I need to commit to this?

Since all your classes are online, you can commit as little or as much time as you want. As a rule of thumb, we recommend you commit to at least 1 module per day (20 minutes approx.)
Can't I just get these classes on your YouTube or Instagram?

No. These are all original & never-before seen classes, strategies and tools exclusively crafted for School of Mastery Members.
What if I'm already doing another course, program or mentorship?

Your School of Mastery Membership will perfectly compliment any business venture, mentorship program, formal degree, online course or personal development regime you are undertaking. 

However, most of our members usually end up leaving their other programs to focus exclusively on the School of Mastery strategies.
What kind of support will I receive?

One of the best things about being a School of Mastery Member is our incredible community! 

Post any question on any topic, and you'll get high quality & high level responses from our advanced members. There's also a comments & questions section under each module that Lewis personally responds to every day.

Finally, you'll get private line to Robyn, who will ensure your membership access, invoicing & billing runs flawlessly!
Will I be invited to your in-person events?

Yep! As a member, you'll be invited to all of our exclusive members-only events. 🛥😍
Try it with ZERO RISK.
Try it with ZERO RISK.
My life is dedicated to teaching, sharing, inspiring and guiding. I truly want to help my students empower every area of their lives.

This is my purpose. This is my mission 🙏

I have travelled far and wide, and spent over $500,000 to study the greatest teachings from the greatest minds I could find... and I've literally put my heart & soul into this school.

So if you don't find it valuable, I actually don't want your money.

Therefore, I'm going to give you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Go all out for 30 days, and if it's not for you... let us know, we'll refund your first month, shake hands and part ways for good. With zero risk, I promise you it's worth trying!
Ready to master your life?

Monthly Membership


Billed monthly in AUD

✔ The Full Masterclass Library
✔ The Private Members Group
✔ The Weekly Huddle (LIVE)
✔ Cancel Any Time
✔ Priced in Australian Dollars
✔ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Annual Membership



Billed annually in AUD

✔ 2 Months FREE!

✔ The Full Masterclass Library
✔ The Private Members Group
✔ The Weekly Huddle (LIVE)
✔ Cancel Any Time
✔ Priced in Australian Dollars
✔ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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